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We have all the right equipment to remove trees from any area of your yard, home, or business. All logs, brush and debris are always fully cleaned up and hauled away unless specified. We pride ourselves for being known for our meticulous clean up.

Bobby is known for giving detailed in-person estimates on removal and tree trimming. He will always go above and beyond to make sure your property is free and clear of hazardous branches and limbs.  

We have access to 2, very well maintained cranes. Bobby will make sure the homeowner is always aware of their options if they need a crane to ensure less damage to driveways, lawns, and homes. Cranes also carry full insurance.

We have all the right equipment to do residential and commercial lot clearing. We do house lots often and work with many local property developers and businesses. References are also available upon request.

Seasonally we have a full crew to do local, residential plowing as well as lifts/bucket trucks to preform roof shoveling when needed. We carry extra insurance for residential and commercial jobs.

We offer quality firewood year round. After purchasing a brand new firewood processor in 2018 we now are able to offer firewood with many options for wood and delivery. We ensure seasoned cord wood is 1-2 years dry as well as semi seasoned for 6-12 months. We deliver locally for free and also offer grapple load of wood delivered for a cheaper price. We pre- sell cords as well as same day delivery when available.

Whether it’s one old stump or 10 new ones from recent removal, we offer stump grinding for every size stump. Bobby will always give you a separate option to add in stump grinding to your project. We assure grinding 3-5 inches below ground level when possible as well as having grindings Hauled away at a separate cost. Stump
Grinding can be done same day as tree removal!

About Ducharme Tree Service

Owner/Operator Bobby Ducharme is a retired veteran of the United States Marines. After serving in Afghanistan, he came home to start his own business. He grew up with his older sister and brother in-law teaching him to do residential tree removal as well as land clearing. He has over 15 years experience with tree work.

All of his hard work and effort has gone into making a profitable, word of mouth business. He prides himself on being the tree guy that does both the estimate and the work. He values his customers and does his best to achieve their needs.

He has made it a goal to have all up to date, well maintained equipment for every job. He carries full insurance on all equipment, liability, and vehicles. Bobby makes it a priority to have all employees up to date on OSHA safety regulations and equipment safety training.

Bobby lives in Merrimack with his wife Jena and daughter Stella. He is an active participant in the community with fundraisers and touch a truck events. His family believes that maintaining great communication is the key to a successful local small business. Give us a call and you will speak to his wife Jena to schedule your free estimate today!

What Our Customers Say:

Bobby and his team are amazing! I am so glad I contacted them. Also the quote I received was unbelievable. Thank you again for an amazing experience.
Jennifer Pelland
I would highly recommend Bobby and his crew to anyone looking to have tree work done. They were very professional and provided excellent customer service. They took extra time to clean up after they were finished and went above and beyond my expectations. We will be having them back to do more work in the Spring.
Sheila Rose Whitman
Ducharme Tree Service did an EXCELLENT job taking down a damaged tree close to my house due to a storm. The employees were professional and very knowledgeable. I would recommend this company to anyone need tree work.
Keith William Hines
The last windstorm took down a big tree that smushed our kids playset. Bobby came over the same day I called for an estimate and removed the tree two days later. The yard looks great! He cut up & chipped up & cleaned up the pine tree and trimmed the stump. No mess, no fuss. Great price. His office is fast and responsive and friendly. I highly recommend him & his company.
Melissa Penson-Mesa

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