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When it comes to tree trimming services, Bobby and the team at Ducharme Tree Service are true professionals. Bobby takes pride in providing his customers with detailed in-person estimates for both removal and trimming services. Ducharme Tree Service understands the importance of ensuring that your property is safe from hazardous branches and limbs, and will always go above and beyond to make sure that the job is done right.

Bobby has years of experience in the industry and has honed his skills to become one of the most reliable and trusted tree trimming experts around. Bobby and the crew at Ducharme Tree Services use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that your trees are trimmed safely and effectively, and he always makes sure to clean up after the job is done.

Whether you need a few branches trimmed or a full tree removal, Ducharme Tree Services is the right choice for the job. They take the time to listen to their customers’ needs and concerns and always provides them with the best possible service. Contact Ducharme Tree Service today to schedule your free estimate and see for yourself why they are the go-to experts for all your tree trimming needs.


Tree trimming is important for maintaining the health and appearance of your trees. Trimming can remove dead or diseased branches, improve tree structure, and promote healthy growth.

The best time to trim your trees depends on the species and their growth patterns. In general, it’s best to trim during the dormant season, which is typically in late fall or winter. However, some trees, such as flowering trees, should be trimmed after they bloom.

Tree trimming can be dangerous, especially for larger trees and for those that are close to power lines or other hazards. It’s important to hire a professional tree trimming service like Ducharme Tree Service with trained and experienced personnel who know how to safely and effectively trim trees.

When done correctly, tree trimming should not harm your trees. In fact, it can improve their health and growth. However, over-trimming or trimming at the wrong time can damage or stress trees, so it’s important to hire a professional tree trimming service that knows how to trim trees properly.

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Why Choose Us: Our experienced team of tree care professionals uses the latest equipment and techniques to ensure your trees are healthy, safe, and beautiful. We offer personalized service tailored to your unique needs, and our affordable prices make it easy to maintain your yard year-round. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate and discover the difference we can make for your property!

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